Yacht Management

Rich Yacht Management offers all aspects of yacht management.Our team is comprised of experts in their fields with years of worldwide yachting experience.

Our approach is one of hard work, precision, and constant contact. We visit every one of our yachts on a regular basis, and we also spend time with your crew both face-to-face and on the phone.

Yacht management is a necessary expense that, with the right company, more than pays for itself. Discover how Rich Yacht Management can help you in every aspect of your yacht’s management.


You only have to confirm exact mooring time period and our team will manage mooring arrangements depending upon the availability. The team at RICH YACHTS strives to make sure that you get to access the most facilitated marinas equipped with all the required facilities.

crew management

We organize and plan the full maintenance and technical work of your yacht with the crew. Planning and organization gives time to get several estimates and optimize the maintenance schedule of your boat.